Celebrities, athletes descend on Atlanta ahead of Super Bowl LIII

Cardi B and Lil Jon were just a few of the celebrities on the 'blue carpet.'

ATLANTA — Celebrities and athletes descended on Atlanta Saturday night for a variety of Super Bowl LIII events.

From concerts to lavish parties to the NFL Honors Awards show, celebrities came out to strut the red carpet, give their Super Bowl predictions and talk about what a great job Atlanta is doing as host.

NFL Honors Awards

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In Midtown, some of the biggest names in the National Football League were honored at the Fox Theatre during the NFL Honors Awards show.

Channel 2's Tom Jones was in Midtown at the star-studded red carpet where NFL legends and a-list celebrities strutted their stuff.

Jones spoke to actor J.B. Smoove, who said he thinks Atlanta is doing an incredible job as the host city for Super Bowl 53.

"I'll give it a ten," Smoove said. "I don't want the city to get cocky, so let's say a 9. Just in case. I don't want the city to get a big head."

Falcons coach Dan Quinn agreed.

"You feel the excitement. The energy," Jones said.  That's true to Atlanta, so we're doing a helluva job.

Falcons player Calvin Ridley praised the city for its organization of the event.

"It's fun you can get around," Ridley said.


Falcons owner Arthur Blank praised the job the city has done at hosting more than a million people. Blank said the NFL loves how the hotels, restaurants and events are within walking distance.

"They love the walk-ability of everything, which is a big plus for us," Blank said.

The Honors Awards recognizes players who have made outstanding accomplishments on and off the field. Falcons defensive player Grady Jarrett was a finalist for Man of the Year.

Jarrett is being recognized for his anti-bullying campaign and for his work with Atlanta's Promise Center.

"It's good because there are a lot of youth down there that need some guidance," Jarrett said. "Being on that side of town, going to spend some time with them."

Jarrett is competing against 32 other players for Man of the Year. Another Falcons player, Ben Garland, is also being recognized. Garland won the Salute to Service Award for his support of the military.

Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest

Downtown at State Farm Arena, celebrities were strutting their stuff on the Bud Light Super Bowl Live blue carpet ahead of a show by Bruno Mars and Cardi B.

Channel 2's Michael Seiden was on the "blue carpet." catching up with celebrities about their plans for the big game tomorrow.

Seiden talked to singer Ashanti, who had good things to say about Atlanta.

"The city is just lit with synergy," Ashanti said. "I think everyone just wants to have a good time."

Former NFL player Torry Holt told Seiden he was glad to see the Rams back in a Super Bowl.

"It's been awhile trying to get that organization back to some relevance," Holt said.

Atlanta-based celebrities were out in force Saturday night. Seiden talked to local rapper Lil Jon about sharing his city with the world.

"It's really amazing that so many people get to come down here and see why we love this city," Lil Jon said.

Thousands of fans lined up around the building to get into the show.