NWS estimates 20 tornadoes touched down in Georgia Monday

CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. — Crews are cleaning up now after at least 20 tornadoes ripped through Georgia.

Channel 2's Tom Regan saw crews cutting up fallen trees in Carroll County on Tuesday.

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Today, the National Weather Service said an EF-1 tornado left behind that mess from Monday's storms
Crews have been working nearly round the clock cleaning the mess left by the tornado that churned through Carrollton, tearing the roof off a fire station in a long  path of destruction.

Severe weather threat Wednesday could include:

  • Several tornadoes
  • Widespread damaging wind gusts
  • Large destructive hail
  • Flash flooding

“When the wind got up underneath the roof, and pulled it, it also pulled part of the concrete wall on the back side of the building,” meteorologist David Nadler with NWS said. “Estimated max winds probably around 90 miles per hour, which makes it a low EF-1.”

Regan was out with Nadler in the field as he surveyed the damage from the many tornadoes that tore through Georgia.

He told Regan the Carrollton tornado was possibly a couple hundred yards wide at times.

“It was off the ground most of the time, and then went down; the winds can do some weird things when it's circulating, especially if it's not as organized as a larger tornado,” Nadler said.

Regan also spoke to Peggy Ackey. She and her son were inside when the tornado uprooted a giant tree and sent it crashing onto her roof.

“We went through the living room, I said we gotta go now, got out there on the porch. He said 'Momma that's a big tree,'” Ackey said.

Ackey is bracing for more rounds of storms Wednesday and it may be worse next time around.

“This is a more powerful storm system (with) a lot more energy,” Nadler said

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