• Couple says neighbor killed dog over work boot

    By: Matt Johnson


    CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. - A couple in Carroll County is distraught after they said their neighbor, who is a firefighter, shot and killed their dog over a work boot.

    The couple said their neighbor walked onto their property Wednesday night and shot their dog, Junior, point-blank. 

    "All I heard was the gunshot come off, and I come around and see Junior laying on the ground" Anthony Hogan said.

    According to the Sheriff's Office report, the neighbor, a deputy with the Carroll County Fire Department, told deputies he believed one of the couple's dogs took his work boot.

    He said he walked next door and Junior charged at him, nipping his pants leg.

    "He should not have walked in the back of the yard No. 1, on my property. No. 2, he should have called," Holly Baird said.

    The neighbor said he shot the dog because he thought he was going to be hurt.

    "(Junior was) playful, loving, caring. He wouldn't hurt a flea," Baird said.

    The couple said their puppy, Cupcake, is likely the one who took the boot. They said Junior couldn't have taken it because he was wearing a shock collar to keep him from roaming. 

    They said they don't understand why their neighbor didn't come to them first. 

    "I've got two other dogs and if they got out, I'm afraid he's going to shoot them," Baird said.

    The Sheriff's Office said it's not filing any charges, but the couple can still pursue a warrant through a magistrate judge. 

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