• Can teenagers trick-or-treat in Atlanta on Halloween?

    By: By Najja Parker, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


    ATLANTA - Halloween is right around the corner, and kids will be flooding their neighborhoods in search of free candy. But will Atlanta regulations put a halt on all of the fun?  

    Some cities across the United States have guidelines that prohibit teens, aged 13 to 18, from trick-or-treating or being out without a parent or guardian, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. In other cases, teens are only allowed to be out alone after a certain time if they are going to or from a place of lawful employment. 


    The goal is to prevent teens from engaging in bullying, vandalism, underage drinking and other dangerous activities, and breaking the law could lead to a misdemeanor charge, fines or even jail time. 

    Such rules exist in Virginia, Illinois, Mississippi, South Carolina and Maryland, according to The Associated Press. 

    However, kids in Atlanta and throughout the state can roam the streets freely. There are no laws in place that make it illegal for them to trick-or-treat. 

    This story was written by Najja Parker for the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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