• Cameras catch thousands of drivers illegally passing stopped school buses


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Cameras have captured over 7,000 drivers illegally passing stopped school buses in Gwinnett County alone.
    Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach got his hands on the information and found that the most violations happened on multi-lane roads like Singleton Road between Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Indian Trail Road.
    Each morning and afternoon, 1,900 buses roll through Gwinnett County. Two hundred and thirty of them have stop-arm cameras, catching violations like this.
    Starting in January and running through the first week of April, Gwinnett County schools said it documented just around 7,400 violations.
    "People should be aware of this law and following it,” said Sloan Roach, with Gwinnett County Public School.
    After three months of the stop-arm enforcement, one parent sees it working. He said he hopes the cameras can prevent a tragic accident.
    "That's a very good idea actually,” said the parent.
    The number of cameras installed will jump to 300 by the fall.
    The district will take data from violations this semester and reports from bus drivers to see where which buses on which routes they're needed most.
    "We're going to be taking those results to determine where we are going to place the remaining 60 to 70 cameras we haven't installed yet,” Roach said.
    Gwinnett Schools also do a one day manual count from all drivers on all routes. That happened April 22 but the numbers haven't been added up yet.

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