• Businessmen fight back during attempted carjacking

    By: Mike Petchenik


    ALPHARETTA, Ga. - A would-be carjacker in Alpharetta chose the wrong two men to rob.

    Kevin Luebke and Ed Sneddon told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik they were heading to their cars after a meeting at Millers Atlanta Ale House on Davis Road last week when the man approached.

    “He says to us, ‘Would you please give me your keys, your cellphone and some money,’” Luebke said. “He lifts up his shirt and shows us a gun.”

    Sneddon said he immediately decided that he was not going to become a robbery victim.

    “I didn’t feel like giving it up to him that day,” he told Petchenik. “Kevin and I are both hockey players and we both decided we could take him.”

    Sneddon said he tossed his car keys to the man’s feet, and when the man went to retrieve them, Sneddon kicked the man and they both tackled him.

    Alpharetta police have identified the suspect as Jason Lappe, 41, of Atlanta.

    “Ed was on top of the guy and I was on top of Ed holding the guy down to the asphalt,” said Luebke.

    Luebke said Sneddon was holding the gun so the man couldn’t use it on them.  Police later determined it was a BB gun, but the men didn’t know that at the time.

    “I really don’t think he had any intention of shooting us, but I think he wanted what he wanted,” said Luebke. “It could have ended up many different ways, but I’m just thankful it ended up the way it ended up.”

    Police have charged Lappe with armed robbery, weapons and drug charges after they said they found drugs on him. While they commend the pair for standing up for themselves, police told Petchenik they don’t recommend taking matters into your own hands.

    “What if the individual had two firearms? What happens if he had an accomplice with him in the parking lot looking out for him?” said Alpharetta police spokesman, George Gordon. “It’s just property. It’s better to just comply by giving up the property.”

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