• Severe storms possible this weekend

    By: Severe Weather Team 2


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    • Rain begins to move in Saturday
    • Two warm fronts move through Sunday morning
    • Storms may produce rotating showers, rotating thunderstorms
    • There are a lot of variables at play

    ATLANTA - Cold air will continue to move in Thursday night into Friday morning, making for a chilly start again Friday with temperatures at or below freezing across parts of north Georgia. 

    Severe Weather Team 2 Chief Meteorologist Glenn Burns said temperatures will also be slow to warm on Friday. 

    “It should be a beautiful day (Friday), but much warmer, with highs near 56 degrees compared to (Thursday’s) 49,” Burns said. 

    Burns said there are still a lot of variables about where the potential severe weather will hit. Stay with WSBTV.com and Severe Weather Team 2 throughout the next few days as we work to pinpoint how the weather will impact your neighborhood.

    Burns said he is forecasting a low of 30 for the early morning hours of Friday, bringing temperatures typical for January in parts of north Georgia. 

    Burns said there is a risk for Severe Weather this weekend. 

    Rain will begin moving into north Georgia around noon on Saturday, mainly in the far northern counties first. 


    “Around 9 o’clock Saturday evening, thunderstorms will be moving in for round No. 1,” Burns said. “Don’t expect much for that one.”

    A second round is expected to move in by Sunday morning, but it will depend on the track of an area of low pressure as to where it will impact Georgia. 

    “A couple of the models have it up closer to Tennessee. That would not be good for us,” Burns said. 

    Burns said there will be two warm fronts moving through Georgia Sunday morning. It is the second front that he is the most concerned about.

    “There could be rotating showers and rotating thunderstorms in northern Georgia Sunday morning due to the wind shear and it is a dramatic wind shear event we’re seeing across north Georgia,” Burns said. 

    Burns said there are still a lot of variables at play for the forecast Sunday. 

    What viewers can on get on Channel 2 Action News: 

    • Updated low temperatures including what areas have the potential for freezing temperatures tomorrow. 
    • Updated hour-by-hour wind forecast showing what areas will have the gustiest winds.
    • Updated longer range forecast showing the timing of showers and storms this weekend.

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