• Teen fires police recruit's gun into home


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga - An Atlanta police recruit is in trouble after an accidental shooting involving his city issued gun.

    Channel 2’s Tony Thomas obtained a report that shows a police recruit’s teenage brother fired a gun that hit a neighbor’s home.

    The shooting occurred last Thursday night in Gwinnett County.

    Investigators said it was an accident with no criminal intent, but neighbors say they want someone to pay for the damages.

    Homeowner Sandy Churley said the bullet came within feet of her daughter who was in an upstairs bathroom at the time.

    Inside the house, there are large holes in two walls where police crime scene techs dug out bullets.

    “It’s a constant reminder that my daughter’s life was almost taken,” Churley said.

    Police reports show that an Atlanta police recruit was cleaning his service revolver when his 16-year-old brother picked it up. His brother thought it was empty and fired at the TV.

    The police report said, “No injuries were sustained in this incident and no crime has been committed.”

    The Churley’s disagree.

    “The kid grabbed the gun, pulled the trigger and we were four feet away from terrible tragedy,” Gary Churley said.

    Thomas knocked on the recruit’s home, but no one answered.

    The Churleys said they want someone, either the recruit’s family or the city of Atlanta to pay for the damage to their house.

    “I just feel like there is a major cover-up going on here to protect the recruit next door,” Churley said.

    The Atlanta Police Department emailed Thomas saying:

     “All field training officers are on a probationary status. This particular officer is now on an extended probation status pending an open internal affairs investigation. Depending on the outcome of this investigation, he could be terminated. He has been charged with a work rule violation of Failure to Secure a Weapon.”

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