• Dentist arrested after barricading himself inside Brookhaven home for hours


    BROOKHAVEN, Ga. - A man is now in custody after he barricaded himself inside a Brookhaven home for hours Tuesday. 

    SWAT was called to the home off Osborne Road and Devine Circle around 5 a.m. to help serve an arrest warrant. 

    Hours later, the situation ended peacefully at 3:15 p.m. after investigators found him in a hidden room.

    The man has been identified as Dr. Frank Roach, a dentist wanted on domestic violence charges.  

    Police told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik they originally called in the SWAT team after they believed Roach had a gun.

    "The situation involved in this incident was violent in nature so we knew going into it that we could encounter a dangerous situation," Major Brandon Gurley said.


    Petchenik spoke with Brad Krabbe, a close friend of the dentist. He came to the scene to see if he could help.

    "Something must have happened that bothered him. I don't think he'd hurt a fly," Krabbe said. 

    During the SWAT situation, police told anyone who was still home to stay inside as a precaution. The neighborhood was blocked for hours. 

    Neighbors shared with Petchenik photos of armed officers surrounding the home for most of the day.

    "Startled, of course.  This is something I watch on TV, not live on a daily basis," one neighbor told Petchenik over the phone. 

    Roach is heading to the DeKalb County Jail and he'll be facing a number of felony charges related to domestic abuse and the SWAT situation. 

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