Brookhaven Police K-9 Dano retires after years with the department

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A beloved member of the Brookhaven Police Department has retired on a special day - on his 10th birthday.

K-9 officer Dano was honored with a small ceremony this month after a long and productive career with the department.

Dano, a Belgian Malinois, was bred by BPD Canine Officer John Ritch. He began serving Brookhaven in 2013 alongside then Officer David Fikes. During his time, Dano received certifications in narcotics detection, tracking, and criminal apprehension, and re-certified in each category every year.

During his of service, Dano assisted in the arrest of more than 150 violent offenders, the department said.

In 2016, Dano was responsible for locating a murder suspect in just 28 minutes. That suspect surrendered without incident, and was ultimately sentenced to life plus 140 years in prison.


Dano has also been responsible for the seizure of nearly $697,000, and the value of the drugs he intercepted is estimated at more than $4.7 million.

“When he wasn’t busy working, Dano was a rock star in the Brookhaven community. Always a sucker for a belly-rub or a hug, Dano was loving and affectionate towards members of the public of all ages, and he is – by far – still the most popular officer on our social media accounts. He was also a devoted partner to Sergeant Fikes, and a member of the Fikes family for his entire career,” the police department wrote on Facebook.

For his retirement plans, Dano will live the rest of his life with Ritch.

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Posted by Brookhaven, GA Police Department on Monday, December 21, 2020