3 teens shot at busy shopping center, police say

Police said they think the shots were fired after a fight. The boys were all alert and conscious.

ATLANTA — Police say three teenage boys were shot at Camp Creek Marketplace in southwest Atlanta Saturday night.

Channel 2's Rikki Klaus was at the scene, where police said they believe the shooting happened during a fight around 8:15 p.m.

Klaus talked to a witness, who didn't want to be identifed.

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The witness said he was taking out the trash when he heard around 20 shots fired. He told Klaus he could tell by the sound that at least two guns were fired. He said he ran back in to his restaurant and locked the doors to protect his customers and himself.


"Just tons of gunshots. Just really loud," the witness said. "A lot of teenagers running back towards the DSW, towards the parking lot, just dispersing."

Police said all three boys were alert, conscious and breathing and have been taken to hospitals.

Police have not released the boys' names, ages and conditions.