• Bond denied for woman charged with 14 counts of arson

    By: Sophia Choi


    PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - A woman charged with setting her house on fire and damaging other homes in the neighborhood was denied bond Wednesday morning. 

    Channel 2’s Sophia Choi was in the courtroom as Judge Lisa Baty read the charges against Adrienne Satterly, 41. 

    Adrienne Satterly in court.
    The only question from Shatterly was why she wasn't getting bond.

    "The judge that signed the warrants considered you a flight risk and a risk to others in the community and had denied you bond," Baty said. 

    Satterly is accused of setting a fire early Sunday morning.


    Investigators said she lit a stack of mattresses in her kitchen and the fire spread, damaging 19 other homes in the Greystone Subdivision in Hiram around 3:30 a.m.

    Police said the fire also killed two dogs and a cat.

    Satterly does not have an attorney. The judge told her she could get a public defender.

    Satterly also said she had a divorce hearing and needed to get another attorney for that. Investigators told Choi she torched her house because she lost it to her ex, during a divorce.

    A couple of victims showed up in court Wednesday.  

    “Everybody was kind of trying to help her out.  I never would have thought she would set her house on fire,” said resident Julian Dickens.

    The judge said Satterly’s next court date will be set once she gets an attorney.  

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