• Bond denied for man accused of running over mother and daughter

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - A judge denied bond Monday for a Gwinnett County man accused of running over a mother and daughter walking along a sidewalk.

    The prosecution also introduced new information about Spencer Prigmore's alleged history of driving under the influence.

    In the courtroom, one row separated the family of the mother and child killed as they walked along the sidewalk and that of the man who was behind the wheel.

    "We want justice and we hope he doesn't get out," said Andrea Cervantes Maldonado. She said the death of her sister Maria and her 6-year-old niece, Melissa, has destroyed her family.

    The mother and daughter were walking home from the store along Highway 29 in Lilburn last month.

    Police said Prigmore veered onto that sidewalk and hit them.

    "They were killed instantly," said Lilburn Police Officer Andy Blimline.

    Prigmore was found in his truck down the road. Police arrested him on several charges including DUI.

    The DUI charge was dismissed due to lack of current evidence.

    Prigmore's ex-wife Kelly Martinez argued Prigmore was a responsible father who always found a way to care for his children.

    "He had a camper that he sold in order to pay for child support. He sold his boat. He would do anything for his kids," Martinez testified.

    His defense attorney argued he has a limited criminal record with only one DUI 20 years ago.

    The prosecution argued the criminal history goes much deeper than that.

    "Do you have any information that it was more than one?" Assistant District Attorney John Warr asked in court.

    "Yes. It was more than one," Martinez said.

    "Could it be three during the course of your marriage," Warr asked.

    "Yes," Martinez replied.

    The judge denied Martinez's bond.

    "He doesn't deserve to walk free," Maldonado said.

    The state said the DUI charge for this fatal crash could come back into play, pending the results of Prigmore's blood work.

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