• Blind woman struggles to remove branch from home


    ATLANTA,None - A great-grandmother in southwest Atlanta was able to get a tree branch removed from her home after her story touches Channel 2 viewers.

     The 68-year-old is blind and doesn’t get around well, but she heard a crash Wednesday morning after a large branch fell through her bedroom wall and ceiling. She wasn't in the room at the time.

    “I just heard a big bam,” Tucker said. “And this is the only place we have to live.”

    The branch first fell on the home in May.  At the time, Tucker's daughter, Thomasine, who lives with her mother and takes care of her, got a quote to have it removed.  It was $2,000.


    “It's money that I don't have,” Tucker’s daughter said.

    They survive on her mother's Social Security and don't have homeowner’s insurance.

    “You have a choice, your utilities or something else. Nobody wants to sit in the dark, in the cold or go without water.  She also has to take a lot of medications and that has to be paid for as well,” Thomasine Tucker said.

    Family members decided to try to remove the branch themselves. But after they removed part of the large branch, it shifted and came crashing into the bedroom.  Now they're desperate for help.

    “I tried calling different organizations. I was told the same thing: because she doesn't have home owner's insurance, they couldn't help her,” Thomasine Tucker said.  “i don’t know what to do. I just need help, period.”

    But after Channel 2 aired a story on her plight Thursday, phone calls began pouring in from viewers wanting to help.

    "I thought what if that was my grandma, my mom. I would want someone to help them," said Donnie Jones, of Don's Tree Service.

    On Friday, Don's Tree Service arrived at the home, donating repairs.

    Tucker said she was grateful.

    "I'm very surprised, but I am thankful for it," Tucker said.

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