• Black Volvo considered evidence in a string of burglaries in East Atlanta

    By: Sophia Choi


    ATLANTA - Two to three burglaries a day is what neighbors in east Atlanta told Channel 2 Action News is happening in their community.

    Neighbors said burglars hit numerous homes in the last month.

    Atlanta police counted 10, while DeKalb police had one.


    On Wednesday, investigators uncovered a big piece of evidence, a black Volvo.

    Footage shown to Channel 2’s Sophia Choi shows the burglars stealing a tv. The video was captured by a resident’s home security camera on Brownwood Avenue.

    Ellis Burgess told Choi those same men broke into her home Sunday, on Gilbert Street. They took electronics, weapons and heirlooms.

    "Things that had been in my family for 100 plus years. Jewelry, they took both my firearms. I remember thinking in my head, how ironic. They’re going to shoot me with my own firearm," he said. 

    Now, a big break in the case. DeKalb police searched an apartment complex off Panthersville Road for the suspects, after finding the Volvo used in many of the burglaries.

    Police believe a second group of thieves is using a black Camry. These thieves captured on a resident’s camera were seen at the latest break in, at a home on Vernon Avenue Wednesday morning.

    "A lot of our neighbors are actually home and came out as our alarm was going off," said Kelly Dundon, one of the victims.

    But house alarms, security cameras and even dogs aren’t stopping the bold crooks who have hit at all times of the day.

    "They have no fear, somebody’s going to get hurt," said Mindy Fera, another victim.


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