• Bill signed that puts MLK monument in state Capitol


    ATLANTA - Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill into law Tuesday afternoon that will put a monument of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on the grounds of the state capitol.

    Channel 2's Lori Geary was live in southeast Atlanta where Martin Luther King III and Bernice King were on hand at the state capitol for what they called a historic day.

    “We all know that monuments and statues are that, they’re things we put in place for people to remember and it's not always for our generation,” said Bernice. “It’s really about the next generation.”

    The two came together, along with dozens of African-American leaders, to witness the bill signing by Deal.

    Deal said he made a promise earlier this year that he would find a way to honor Dr. King in an appropriate way.  

    “I'm really quite grateful that the government signed and the legislature voted,” said Martin. “This really is extraordinary because for years, children will come to our capital and will be reminded of peace, non-violence, equality (and) justice.

    The bill won overwhelming bipartisan approval at the state Capitol.

    Deal appointed a memorial commission earlier to decide what the statue will look like and where to place it. Deal said no taxpayer money will be used for the monument and that private fundraising is already underway.

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