• Bats invade DeKalb County apartment complex

    By: Carl Willis


    STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. - Renters in a DeKalb County apartment complex said bats invaded their building.

    They said they've seen several bats flying in units at Highland Forest Apartments in Stone Mountain.

    Justin Fleetwood used his cellphone to record video as a maintenance worker tried to clear a bat out of his apartment.

    "My initial reaction was just to drop everything and get out," said Fleetwood.

    His video shows the bat clinging to an air conditioning vent in the room where his 4-month-old daughter sleeps.

    "(It) could have flown on my baby," he told Channel 2's Carl Willis. "He could have flown on us, as a matter of fact."

    Nighttime video shows a colony of bats circling the roof of the apartment building.

    Another renter, Tavolsia Brooks, returned to his apartment to show Willis the problem. He said this is the first time he's been back in four days.

    "I opened the door and the bats are just flying around," Brooks said. "I'm thinking I'm in a movie."

    The apartment manager said contractors were out at the building to seal holes where the bats were entering the apartments. He said the contractors will return Wednesday.

    Willis also talked to the head of maintenance, who said contractors responded as soon as they learned there was a issue.

    "As you can see there's foam on the side of the building," he said. "They didn't drag their feet. We try to be as efficient as possible because we do care about the residents."

    Still, some renters said there are bats are in the walls. They said they can hear them at night.

    "The contractors came out and they did what they thought was efficient to take care of the problem," said the head of maintenance. "So, evidently there were still bats in there in the walls. You can't predict if you're getting them all."

    The apartment manager told Willis he will work to help renters move to new units at their request.

    Fleetwood said he's still concerned about the potentially disease-carrying animals.

    "Nobody knows what bats have," he said. "Bats could have rabies."

    Brooks said Animal Control removed a bat from his apartment Monday and will run tests to determine if it was a rabies carrier.

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