Ride collapses at Bartow County fair; inspectors shut down multiple rides

BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. — Dozens of people came together to hold up a fair ride when one of the legs broke Thursday evening at the Bartow County Fair.

Six children were on the roller coaster at the time but no one was injured when it broke.

The ride is now closed until it passes state inspection.

Bystanders took video of the scary moments at the Bartow County fair.


"I was scared to go over there; I thought I was going to see someone cut in half," witness Whitney Castro said.

Castro recorded the aftermath of the children's coaster called the Orient Express being derailed.

"When I saw the ride tip, my stomach dropped. I was scared I was going to see dead people," Castro said.

The State Fire Marshal found improper welding on the track that held the coaster.%



Channel 2 Action News learned the ride has not been inspected since April 15.

Three more rides were shut down Friday after inspectors found additional problems.

The fair will be fined monetarily if there are any other issues.

Officials say the fair will now be subject to pop-up inspections.

Channel 2 Action News is waiting to hear back from the company that owns the fair.

This is why you don't ride the fair rides! This roller coaster almost fell over with kids on it!!!!!! If it wasn't for some quick adults, this would have ended a lot worse. I am still shaking. My child was not on it thankfully. Nobody was hurt, a lot of scared little kids. This ride was being balanced and held up by boards.

Posted by Whitney Castro on Thursday, August 25, 2016