Family suspects foul play after 24-year-old's body found on I-75

BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. — A mother suspects foul play after her 24-year-old son's body was discovered on the side of I-75 in Bartow County.

Mack Griggs' body was discovered Wednesday morning near exit 283 in Emerson.

Sherry Griggs said the last time she saw her son was Christmas Day.

"I told him everyday I loved him, so he know," she said.

The mother said her worst fear came true that morning.

"I didn't want to think it was Mack, but I knew that night when I had a dream about him, going to view his body," she said.

Sherry Griggs said her son worked at an Atlanta restaurant and lived in Midtown. She said he got a ride with a co-worker's cousin and a man he did not know.

"I mean, he worked six days a week. He was always home. I mean, he had nobody that would want to do anything to him. He had no enemies. Everybody loved him," she said.


Mack Griggs was supposed to be going to a childhood friend's house, but he never made it. Sherry Griggs said Mack even talked to his twin brother about the trip hours before his body was discovered.

"Did he know? Did he know what was happening to him? Because I'm sure he was scared, and I'm sure he fought," she said.

Family members said the coroner confirmed trauma to Mack Griggs' face.

The GBI said it has not ruled out homicide, but it's too early in the investigation to tell whether there was foul play.

Sherry Griggs is sure there was foul play and has a message for whomever was behind her son's death, leaving his body on the highway.

"They just don't understand what they've done to this family. They don't understand the devastation and what they're putting us through," she said. "But we know. We know they're going to be found."

The final autopsy results are not in, and the coroner is still running tests on Mack Griggs' body. The GBI said it is working with other agencies, including Georgia State Patrol, to complete its investigation.