• Aunt of Bobbi Kristina Brown to 'expose some really terrible things'

    By: Scott Flynn


    ATLANTA - The aunt of the late Bobbi Kristina Brown says to, ‘please get prepared for the truth to be revealed,’ about her niece's death.

    Leolah Brown took to Facebook Thursday saying she is getting ready to expose “what REALLY happened to her.”
    Bobbi Kristina died in July, several months after being found face down in a bathtub at her Roswell home.
    During that time, Brown’s court-appointed conservator filed a lawsuit against her former boyfriend Nick Gordon, alleging abuse and theft from Brown.

    The suit also claims that Gordon gave Brown a toxic cocktail and then placed her in the bathtub, face-down, causing her irreparable brain damage.
    Earlier this month, Brown’s conservator filed more documents, this time saying Gordon injected Brown with a toxic mixture before her death.
    Gordon's attorneys recently filed a nearly 30-page document asking a judge to stay, or temporarily stop, the civil case against him.
    A judge sealed the autopsy results for Brown. Atlanta attorney Jamila Hall, who is not associated with the case, believes it's sealed because of its impact on the district attorney's criminal investigation into how Brown died.
    “The outcome of the criminal investigation could be quite helpful to Nick Gordon in the civil case and it could also hurt him. It all depends on what comes out,” Hall said.
    In addition to mentioning possible danger to witnesses, the order to seal Brown’s autopsy also talks about the integrity of the investigation and the risk defendants may flee.
    The Facebook post by Leolah Brown doesn’t indicate what exactly she plans to release or if it’s related to Gordon.
    “I feel like I am out here alone fighting for Bobbi Kriss & Whitney,” Leolah Brown said in the post. “Hold on to your seats as I expose some really terrible things.”
    Bobbi Kristina Brown was Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's only child.

    So far, no one has been charged in Brown’s death. An initial autopsy found no obvious cause of death.

    Bobbi Kristina was buried next to her mother, Whitney Houston, after memorial services in the Atlanta area and in New Jersey.

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