Audio recordings give new insight into night sons allegedly tried to kill parents

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GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has obtained law enforcement radio communications recorded as officers arrived at a home where two sons are accused of trying to kill their parents.
As officers arrived they knew there were at least two weapons in the house, according to the communications.  
Dispatchers said they could hear at least one of two parents inside being beaten and pleading for help.  
The mother and father would survive the attack, but suffer serious injuries.

"The female upstairs has been hit in the head with a rifle multiple times. No gunshot wound though," the officer said on the recordings.
When Gwinnett County police arrived on Forbes Trail Saturday morning, they could quickly see the violence of an apparent planned rampage by two sons, Cameron, 17, and Christopher, 22.

911 Dispatcher: "Any of the injuries life-threatening?"
Officer:  "I have a male with heavy lacerations to the head, bleeding heavily. Code 4, conscious and alert."

Zach Ervin would tell police his sons attacked him and his wife, Yvonne. While the boys continued to attack their father in the garage, Yvonne slipped away and found a phone.

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Dispatcher: "Ok, how are they trying to kill you, ma'am?"
Yvonne Ervin: "They tried to strangle us, shoot us. They put Xanaz in our food. And they (indecipherable) when we were asleep. They tried to attack us. They beat me up. They beat him up. They are trying to kill us."

One of the sons would later break into the bedroom and attack his mother again. Her husband remains hospitalized with serious head wounds.
Investigators say the sons' first attempts to drug their parents and then blow the house up with a natural gas leak failed.  
Gwinnett County police say the boys surrendered when police arrived.

Officer: "Secure that other male upstairs. Put him in cuffs. "

So far police say they are still baffled as to what may have motivated the duo to attempt such an attack.
Channel 2's Rachel Stockman talked to the attorney for Cameron Ervin, who says his client is innocent.
"I think there is more to the case than what has been projected to the public at this point," said attorney Mark Yun.
Yun said the truth about what happened will come out in the coming days.
"You got to understand there is only one person on the 911 call. You are not getting the full story," Yun said.  
Both sons remain in jail without bond and are due in court on Friday.