Well-known Atlanta attorney accused of cashing clients' settlement checks

Well-known Atlanta attorney accused of cashing clients' settlement checks

ATLANTA — A well-known Atlanta attorney is being sued by several of his former clients.

Attorney Neil Flit of Neil Flit & Associates has appeared on several television ads and billboards, promising five-star services. But now, he’s facing a flurry of lawsuits and is under investigation by the state Supreme Court.

Some clients say Flit took their settlement checks for himself. Others say he dropped the ball and ignored their cases altogether.

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“It spiraled out of control, and his clients were left holding the bag,” said attorney William Ney, who represents several former clients of Flit.

Matt Parnell said he hired Flit four years ago, but the medical bills from his car crash still have not been paid, and have now been turned over to collection agencies.

"I'm almost positive they did nothing. I know they did nothing," he said.


Parnell said he's repeatedly tried to reach Flit.

“I’ve been calling, calling, haven’t heard anything. It’s been months of this,” he said.

Channel 2 investigative reporter Justin Gray said he tried talking to Flit, too. The attorney drove off when Gray tried to get his side of the story.

“You have many, many potential plaintiffs who never got their day in court, or alternatively, who had a case settled or couldn’t get access to their funds,” Ney said.

A lawsuit alleges Flit never paid a dime of a $437,000 insurance check to the client who was supposed to receive it.

If found guilty, the penalty could be disbarment.

Ney's clients have all now settled with Flit, but the Georgia Supreme Court investigation into his conduct is still underway. Flit's attorney would not comment on the cases.