• Attention parents: 100s of convicted sex offenders disappear in Ga.

    By: Craig Lucie


    ATLANTA - A crackdown on sex offenders in more than 65 Georgia counties has resulted in a surprising statistic. Nearly 400 sex offenders have disappeared.

    From Sept. 13 through the 21st, sheriff’s offices from across the state teamed up to track sex offenders down.  

    They made dozens of arrests. But 384 offenders were nowhere to be found.

    “I can't even comprehend that. It's beyond my understand. How can they disappear? said parent Patricia Randolph.

    The 65 sheriff's offices found more than 10,601 sex offenders: 214 predators and 301 homeless sex offenders were living in their counties.

    During this 8-day operation, they checked 6,200 homes and issued 35 warrants for failing to register.


    "We are just trying to find them. If anybody knows where they absconded to, let local law enforcement know," said Paulding County Sgt. Ashley Henson.

    To track sex offenders in your neighborhood, you can go to your local sheriff’s office website or CLICK HERE.

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