Attention Dish Customers

Attention Dish Customers
WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News (WSB-TV/WSB-TV)

ATTENTION DISH CUSTOMERS: The carriage agreement between WSB-TV and DISH has been temporarily extended.

WSB-TV/Channel 2 remains committed to continue our negotiations with DISH to keep your shows on, but DON’T WAIT: Call DISH at 1-800-333-3474 and tell them not to drop WSB-TV/Channel 2!

1. What is happening?

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By law, WSB-TV must negotiate carriage agreements with satellite companies like DISH. Usually, these deals are reached without any disruption to your service. In fact, our company has negotiated dozens of agreements with only the rarest of disruptions. Unfortunately, so far, DISH has refused to negotiate a fair deal that recognizes the value customers place on WSB-TV programming and services.

2. As a DISH customer, what can I do to continue to watch my favorite shows on WSB-TV?

The best thing viewers can do is Call DISH at 1-800-333-3474. Tell DISH that you pay them a lot of money to watch your favorite shows on WSB-TV, including Channel 2 Action News, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, The Bachelor and The Good Doctor. Tell DISH that if it drops WSB-TV, then you will drop DISH.

3. Why does WSB-TV charge cable and satellite operators a fee to carry their programming?

Despite what you may have heard, this dispute is not about WSB-TV seeking large fees. WSB-TV is among the highest rated channels on DISH. Producing and broadcasting high rated, top-quality programming is very expensive. We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in our local news, weather, and emergency programming. To keep doing that, we need a fair deal from DISH and all our distributors.

4. What is a “fair” deal for WSB-TV programming and why is DISH refusing to pay it?

We have carriage agreements with every other major cable and satellite company that is carrying WSB-TV and are seeking to be treated fairly by DISH. Based on publicly available information, DISH pays over $6 per subscriber per month for ESPN. In other words, $6 from your monthly bill goes straight to ESPN. Our ratings are much higher than ESPN’s! Yet, we would agree to far less than what DISH pays to ESPN. More importantly, ESPN has NO local programming, NO local employees, NO local investments, and a very small local audience – unlike WSB-TV.

5. Won't rates to subscribers go up if DISH has to pay WSB-TV?

Whether rates go up depends on decisions made by DISH. Like all cable and satellite companies, DISH is already charging you to receive WSB-TV as part of your monthly bill. We do not control how much DISH pays to other channels or how it manages its business. DISH should stop over-paying for channels its customers watch less and prioritize channels like WSB-TV, that its subscribers turn to every day. We have and will continue to negotiate with DISH in good faith in an effort to successfully complete a deal with them.

6. If DISH stops carrying WSB-TV, will I get a refund on my bill?

It is up to DISH to resolve such questions with its customers. But, you could call DISH at 1-800-333-3474 about a refund and let them know you are no longer getting what you pay for -- your favorite programming from WSB-TV.

7. Is there anything the public can do to help make sure that WSB-TV remains on DISH?

The best way for you to encourage a resolution is to register your support of how important it is for them to continue to carry WSB-TV by calling DISH at 800-333-3474. You pay DISH a lot of money. It will listen to your voices.

You can also view WSB-TV Over the Air with an over the air antenna available at retail. Or you can contact any number of other providers that are committed to providing you with all the programming you watch every day:

o DIRECTV: 1-888-777-2454 or

o Comcast: 1-800-934-6489 or

o Charter/Spectrum Cable: 1-833-694-9256 or 1-855-243-8892 or

o Verizon FiOS: 1-877-218-8592 or

o AT&T U-Verse: 1-877-821-6209 or

Regardless, we will continue to work hard to try and get a successful outcome to this negotiation so that you do not lose live access to any of your favorite programming, but the ball remains in DISH’s court to step-up like all of their competitors and peers have done.

9. Why is this happening again – Didn’t WSB-TV just make a deal with DISH last year?

Retransmission consent agreements vary in length, and the amount we can disclose about the circumstances of our relationship with DISH is limited by our contract with them. What we can say is that in the past, WSB-TV has always managed to complete negotiations with DISH without any disruption of service. We hope the same will be true this time, but we feel it is our responsibility to warn you about any potential loss of service.