• Atlantic Station considers smoking ban


    ATLANTA - Atlantic Station is considering banning smoking on its property, according to an announcement on its Facebook page.

    "We're considering a ban on smoking at Atlantic Station, but we want your opinion, 'yes' or 'no'?" the post said.

    Channel 2's Richard Elliot went to the outdoor midtown shopping center to get customers' point of view.

    "If they were to ban all smoking, I think that would be great," Camille Johnson said.

    Jennifer Drake echoed the same sentiments.

    "I'm one of those people that when I walk by a smoker, I hold my breath until I know air has cleared the smoke away," Drake said. "So I definitely would support the ban."

    As of 11 a.m., more than 330 people like the idea. But when Elliot scrolled further down into the comments, opinions got a little more muddled.

    Amy Knight wrote that she isn't a smoker, but asked: "Why alienate the smokers when it's not an issue to begin with?"

    Meanwhile, Eli Marcus, who lives at Atlantic Station and spends most of his time there, said he thinks banning smoking is a good idea for everyone.

    "There (are) children who walk around here often and their health is affected by smokers," Marcus said. "I don't think children should suffer the consequences of someone wanting to kill themselves."

    In a statement, Atlantic Station General Manager David Anderson said in part: "We are committed to creating a family friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable. With that goal in mind, we asked our guests how they would feel about a smoking ban. We are getting a lot of feedback on both Facebook and Twitter and appreciate the community taking the time to be a part of our decision process."


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