Worker feared she'd be fired if she left after McDonald's robbery

ATLANTA — A McDonald’s worker said she feared for her life and then feared for her job after a robbery occurred at the fast-food restaurant.

Channel 2's Carl Willis spoke to the woman, who said her boss asked her to keep working after she had had a gun pointed in her face.

A man armed with a gun robbed the McDonald's on Moreland Avenue on Saturday night.

"I can hardly sleep. If I do, it's just flashbacks," said the employee, who asked not to be identified. "I was traumatized because I never endured a situation like that before, period."

The worker said her bosses made her pain worse because she claims that she felt pressure to stay on the clock, even after having a gun flashed at her.


"I wanted to go home to my kids because I could have lost my life that day. My kids could have been motherless," she said.

The worker told Willis that many of the other employees, mostly high school students, simply walked off the job early. But she's a manager and said her higher-ups made her fear that she would be fired if she followed suit.

"They told me that they have been through storms, tornadoes, floods,” the employee said. "I didn't want to leave because I’m afraid of losing my job because I’m a single mother. I don't have any help, so I’m, like, if I walk out and lose my job, who is going to care for me and my kids?"

Willis contacted McDonald’s about the incident but has not heard back from anyone yet.

The victim said she's seen no change in security since the robbery and still fears for her safety every time she clocks in.

She said she was never asked if she was OK, but said she was asked how much money was stolen.

"It's not right. I could have died that day and my thing is y'all are only worried about money, basically," the worker said.