Woman says she got stamps instead of cash from ATM

ATLANTA — One woman says she got a stack of stamps when she tried to withdraw $280 from a Fifth Third Bank ATM. The bank told her it could take up to 45 days to get her money.

"I'm just out. I don't want to curse on TV, but I'm out literally out," the victim, Bernay Brown, said.

Brown's receipt shows she was making a cash withdrawal from her checking account.

After being told she couldn't have her money, Brown called the police and then called Channel 2 Action News.

Channel 2's Carl Willis spoke with a bank employee, who admitted the person who fills the ATM mixed up the cash and stamp canisters.

She said there was a procedure to follow since Brown didn't bank with Fifth Third.

"We have to do a dispute and it's going to take up to 45 days," Brown said, "I don't even have 24 hours. I don't have 48 hours. I need my money today because it happened today."

Brown says that was money to pay for gas and feed her family.

"$280 may not seem like a lot of money to somebody, but it's a lot of money to me," Brown said.

Shortly after Willis left the bank, Brown got a money order from Fifth Third Bank.

It was a  relief for her, but according to the bank there are at least 10 other people who also need this straightened out.

"That's the sad part about it. When I came in at 10 this morning, there were six people in line with the same issue," Brown said.