Woman nearly killed by MARTA train speaks to Channel 2 for the first time

Police say Katie Wenszell's mother, Sue,??was pushed in front of an oncoming MARTA??train during a trip to Atlanta in August. Katie Wenszell was hit by the??MARTA??train, dragged and nearly killed.

ATLANTA — A month after she nearly died trying to save her mother's life, Katie Wenszell is opening up.

Police say Wenszell's mother, Sue, was pushed in front of an oncoming MARTA train during a trip to Atlanta in August. Katie Wenszell was hit by the MARTA train, dragged and nearly killed.

Channel 2's Nefertiti Jaquez was on the scene after Wenszell was hit, speaking to investigators about what happened that Sunday afternoon.

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Police arrested Christopher Patrick Brooklin, 28, in connection with the incident. MARTA police said Brooklin appeared to have "some diminished mental capacity."

Wenszell has had three surgeries, including a leg amputation and facial reconstruction.

In an exclusive interview over the phone, Katie Wenszell, who is now back home with her family in Milwaukee, opened up about the day she shielded her mother from the oncoming train.

Because of the impact, she couldn’t recall much.

“I remember mom getting pushed onto the tracks and me jumping. That’s literally all I remember," she said.


In a photo she provided to Channel 2 Action News, you can see Katie can be seen sitting in a wheelchair wearing a sling surrounded by her loved ones. In another photo, she's seen with medics who drove to Atlanta to escort her back home.

“Overall, I would say, I’m doing a lot better than I have been," she said. “I am still a fighter, as you can see with all the injuries I have had. I’m still making strides and eventually (will) live a normal life again.”