Woman fights off men trying to steal her car

ATLANTA — Police are actively searching for two men who attacked a woman trying to steal her car.
Atlanta police released new video of the incident outside a northwest Atlanta gas station Saturday night.

Channel 2 Action News showed Jasmine Warren a first look at the moment she decided to fight for her life.

Video shows the two men grab Warren then hit her over the head with a gun, but she doesn't go down and goes after the men.




"I tried to reach for the gun, grab the fun, but he grabbed me back down," Warren said. "I just yanked the key down. Key broke into half."

After the men fail at stealing the car, they fight Warren for her phone and take off.

"God had me. He surrounded me and I was so thankful for that, but I also knew I wasn't going to let them take my stuff," Warren said. "That this is mine and it does not belong to you."

Warren, who works with troubled teens has a simple message.

"If you need help, come find me. I would love to help you even after the fact that you've done that to me. I don't care. I will still help you," Warrren said.