Woman carjacked, robbed at the Mezzo in Buckhead

Seconds after a woman pulled in and parked her car at the Mezzo apartment complex in Buckhead, five men with guns ambushed her.

"I'm frightened at this point. I'm scared," the victim said.

Several residents living at the Mezzo apartment complex along Peachtree Road also say they're scared.

"It makes you think if it was something on the inside. Are people casing the building? Or are they targeting, are they coming in next and trying to get on our elevator?" resident Chasity Williams said.

Williams' fear comes after police say the men pulled up beside the victim, jumped out of their black sedan with guns drawn.


Video shows the 26-year-old woman standing still as two of the men pointed their guns at her while another suspect rummaged through her newer model BMW.

Detectives say, along with the car, the thieves swiped her purse, wallet and jewelry.

Neighbors say the property manager sent out an email the day after the crime, but didn't mention the carjacking.

"You would think that if you move to Buckhead that you're safe. But that's not the case," resident Bria Williams said.

Channel 2 Action News reached out to the building's owners for comment and they released a statement saying:

"The safety and security of our residents is our top priority.  After receiving information from the authorities, we informed our residents that an incident had occurred on level P3, a commercial parking area, and asked them to be on alert for suspicious activity."