White supremacist group drops 'offensive' flyers at Atlanta homes, neighbors say

ATLANTA — Some homeowners in northeast Atlanta say they were appalled by what they found on their doorsteps over the weekend.

They say a white supremacist group dropped offensive flyers all around their neighborhood.

The flyers from a group calling itself the Patriot Front were distributed throughout the Candler Park community in plastic bags weighed down with a few rocks.

"This was done in the middle of the night. On the porch, I heard a noise. Next morning, it was there,” neighbor Travis Glahn said. “It’s pretty offensive.”


The flyer takes aim at what it labels a “migrant underclass.” They were distributed in one of the most progressive areas of the metro, a place where people take pride in being inclusive.

“They want to offend as many people as they can,” neighbor Michelle Cormack said.

Visitors to neighboring Little Five Points worry that groups that spread this kind of speech are getting bolder.

“It's a threat. I feel like it's a threat, to say, 'We're here,'" Cathy Stephens said.

Glahn says the flyers were left in front of each house on Candler Street, but by Monday morning, he says most of them were put where they belong -- in the trash can.

"Usually things don't bother me.  I'm a criminal defense attorney, for crying out loud.  But it's pretty offensive,” he said.

Patriot Front is based in Texas.