HS student charged after violent fight leaves classmate with concussion

Video sent to Channel 2 shows Keod Watson covering??his face as another student attacks??him in the hallway.

ATLANTA — A fight at North Clayton High School left a student with a concussion, a broken eye socket and a broken front tooth.

Channel 2's Audrey Washington learned the other student involved has been arrested.

Video sent to Channel 2 shows Keod Watson covering his face as another student attacks him in the hallway.

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“It kind of just made my heart sink, to see that someone could do those things to him,” Watson’s grandmother, Gwendolyn White, said.

White decided to pull Watson out of the school and press charges against the other student involved.

“The warrant was issued and he has been arrested,” White said.


Now, Watson is focused on his recovery -- and so are the people at the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

"When I first saw the video, my heart just went out to this boy. It was just so violent," celebrity dentist Dr. Debra Gray King said.

King saw the video on Channel 2 Action News and decided to fix Watson's broken smile free of charge.

"If he was having to walk around with this broken tooth all the time, it would be a daily reminder of what happened and so hopefully by turning back the clock and making it look like it never happened, it will make those memories fade," King said.

During his procedure Thursday, Washington asked Watson how he thinks a new smile will help him move forward.

"I'm always laughing and smiling in school, so like I smile a lot, you know and I want it to look good," Watson said.

His grandmother said she had a message for the other student who now faces criminal charges.

"I just want him to know that he cannot keep bullying and it's at a point now where someone has to take a stand," White said.

Watson still needs to return to the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in a few weeks for the second and final part of his procedure. He is set to start classes at a new school next year.