Video shows suspect firing shots into home before breaking in

ATLANTA — Home surveillance video captured a man opening fire while trying to break into a northeast Atlanta house.

"Those bullets could have gone anywhere," the homeowner, Carlos Diaz, said.

Diaz told Channel 2's Matt Johnson the man later got into his house before he hit another home.

"If I had been sleeping or something like that and who knows what could have happened," he said.


His security camera captured a stranger at the front door erratically knocking before he forced his way into the home through the back.

Diaz lives off Lindbergh Drive, at the first home Atlanta police said the armed burglar targeted that morning.

"He stripped down on the way from my house to the neighbors house, through backyards, and then bam right through the window and I saw the top of his head," Diaz said.

Johnson met up with the other homeowner who said he heard shattered glass minutes after the shooting but it was from the same man somehow using his head to ram through the window.

"I jumped up, got my phone, got my big flashlight, and I started yelling at him to get the hell out of my house," he said.

Atlanta police responded to the home off Cheshire Bridge Road within minutes.

They say they found 27-year-old James Powell naked and with a large cut on his nose before they arrested him.

"I hope he gets the help he needs," Diaz said. He added that he needs help feeling safe in his own home in the Lindridge neighborhood.

Johnson looked at APD statistics that show burglaries are up 27 percent from last year in zone two.

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