Police search for suspect who hit U.S. Marshal with vehicle

ATLANTA — Police are searching for the man who injured a US marshal with his vehicle in southwest Atlanta.

Undercover marshals were inside a silver van in the parking lot of a business on Whitehall Street when they spotted a fugitive named Shusta Gumbs, 38, around 3:20 p.m.

Police say Gumbs he is a convicted felon who has an active warrant out for his arrest.

The US Marshals say when member of the fugitive task force approached Gumbs, he rammed a task force vehicle and struck a task force member. Gumbs drove off after injuring the marshal.

Gumbs hit another vehicle as he fled marshals, police say.


Police say the suspect ditched his vehicle at Hartford Place and Allene Avenue in southwest Atlanta.

Investigators are working to find the fugitive who injured the marshal.

The injured US Marshal has been transported to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment of a leg injury.

The person in the vehicle hit by Gumbs was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital.