Monday Madness: Airport TSA preparing for mass exodus after Super Bowl

ATLANTA — Monday could be a big day for the Atlanta airport -- more than 100,000 passengers could pass through the TSA's security checkpoint.

Why the possible record-breaking crowds? It's the mass exodus following Sunday's Super Bowl.

The heavy volume is expected throughout the day.

Channel 2's Dave Huddleston is at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport where he's talking to transportation officials about how they're working with the city of Atlanta to make sure there are no issues.


"We're preparing for a potential record-breaking day here at Hartsfield-Jackson airport here on Monday," said TSA spokesperson Mark Howell.

Close to a dozen TSA agents and their K-9 partners have been brought in from five cities, including Nashville, Charlotte and Orlando.

"These dogs ae trained to sniff out explosives and the components that create explosives,” Howell told Huddleston.

With an additional 100,000 passengers expected on Monday, Howell said Super Bowl and regular business travelers should follow this plan:

  • Five hours before your flight, leave the hotel
  • Four hours before, return your rental car
  • Three hours before, get to the ticket counter and check your bags
  • Two hours before, get to the TSA checkpoint
  • Be at your gate an hour before departure

Howell said to take into account that Atlanta traffic may be pretty heavy all morning long, so give yourself extra time to get to the airport. Check on the weather at your final destination too; with all the winter storms, flights could be canceled.