Trump: I-85 first responders 'amazing people'

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump honored the people who ran toward the flames during the Interstate 85 fire and bridge collapse.

Trump commended the first responders, saying their fast action, skill and courage as they battled 40-foot flames saved lives and represented the true strength of America.

Channel 2's Justin Gray was in the Roosevelt Room of the West Wing of the White House as Trump paid tribute to the Atlanta firefighters, police and Georgia state troopers who rushed to the scene of the fire and bridge collapse on I-85.

“On behalf of the nation, I say you are amazing people,” Trump told the emergency workers.


Gray said Trump offered not just praise, but also promised continued federal support for repair efforts.

Ten million dollars for emergency construction had already been sent an hour after it was requested.

The president also pledged new infrastructure spending.

“What happened in Atlanta is a sign of the need for new infrastructure. You're going to see a lot of that in coming weeks,” Trump said.

The emergency responders also got a closed-door tour of the Oval Office.

Atlanta First Battalion Chief Douglas Hatcher was at the scene of the collapse that day and told Gray he still feels grateful there was no loss of life.

“It's wild we didn't have any injuries; no injuries for firefighters or civilians,” Hatcher said.