Traffic is going up across metro Atlanta. Here’s data that proves it.

If you've noticed traffic picking up in Atlanta, you're right

We have a brand-new feel for just how much more traffic is out there.

Triple Team Traffic’s Mark Arum went through the numbers and learned insight on where traffic is picking up. It’s a tool no one else has.

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Total Traffic and the Weather Network, along with TrafficCarma, gathered data on the number of trips, daily distance and hourly vehicle volume.

Here’s what TrafficCarma found:

In metro Atlanta, there was a 10 percent increase from April 30 to May 1, the day the shelter-in-place order ended for most.

TrafficCarma found even more increases in our surrounding counties. In Carroll County, there was a 14 percent jump during that same time period. Fayette County, traffic was up 12 percent. Forsyth County saw the same jump.

In the week following the shelter-in-place, the number of trips taken on May 8 was up 12.63 percent around metro Atlanta compared to May 1.

The distance per trip was up 19.42 percent around metro Atlanta compared to previous week, according to TrafficCarma.

Clearly folks around Atlanta are getting back on the roads.