Tip leads to arrest of repeat offender after police say he stole from construction sites across city

ATLANTA — Atlanta police said a tip led them to arrest a man who is accused of several burglaries in the area.

Investigators said they were in the middle of a burglary detail in the area of Jonesboro Road and Moreland Avenue when they received a tip of a man driving a U-Haul believed to be involved in several burglaries in that area.

The officers spotted the U-Haul, pulled it over at a nearby gas station and approached the truck. They asked the driver, Nicholas Roberson, for his license and learned that his driver’s license was suspended and that he was currently on probation.


After searching the truck, investigators said they confiscated a cellphone, two bolt cutters and three tool bags that had been stolen from various construction sites throughout the city.

Officer said they impounded the U-Haul truck Roberson was driving.

Atlanta police said Roberson had been charged 26 times for crimes ranging from traffic arrests to property crimes.

“He was previously arrested for theft by taking after stealing equipment items from a construction site in February 2022. This arrest violated Mr. Roberson’s probation in Henry County and an additional warrant was issued for his arrest as of May 10th,” Atlanta police said in a Facebook post. “Sometimes routine traffic stops result in arrests of repeat offenders and wanted persons-these efforts help reduce crime and keep our city safe.”