Teen ejected after 'shocking' crash into home

ATLANTA — Police say a teenage driver who flipped a stolen car into a house may not survive.

Atlanta police told Channel 2’s Matt Johnson that the teen driver is still in critical condition with life-threatening injuries.

Police said that when the car crashed, he was ejected into a yard next door.

Witnesses are stunned by what they saw.

Jonathan Williams told Johnson he saw the teen crash into mailboxes, fences and power lines before the car eventually launched into the air.

“He hit a power line, so all power was out. Completely dark. I ran and he was laying in grass, breathing slowly," Williams said.


It was around 6:45 a.m. Tuesday when Williams said he called 911 after the driver was ejected into the yard.

It was no ordinary sight for neighbors and police say the driver is no ordinary teenager.

When they arrived on scene, police said, they learned the 16-year-old driver was in a stolen car. Police believe he stole the car from a gas station on Campbellton Road on Monday.

Some neighbors at the house are still in shock over what disrupted their neighborhood.

"How in the world did he get that car up there?” neighbor Vince Person said, as he saw the wrecked car leaning upside down on the roof of the house.

The teenager is in critical condition and some say that if he survives, he will need to make better decisions.

“He doesn't realize life is short. Stealing cars, running. That’s exactly where you end up -- in the hospital," Person told Johnson.

Atlanta police say charges are pending against the teenager.