Super volunteer will work Super Bowl LIII

Al Marsh has volunteered at 10 Super Bowls

ATLANTA — Ten thousand volunteers will be the collective face of Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII in February.

One of those workers may be the most qualified candidate there has ever been.

Al Marsh of Macon has collected quite a wardrobe.

"Well, my wife says I spend too much time and too much money on my hobby,” Marsh said.

Marsh volunteers at the biggest sporting events on the plant. That’s how he assembled dozens of polo shirts while working those events.

"I volunteered in the USA, I volunteered in Canada, I volunteered in London, and in Brazil,” he said.


That’s where he was on the national news while volunteering at the World Cup.

He has also worked 10 Super Bowls. This year, he is one of 10,000 volunteers for Super Bowl LIII.

For guys like Marsh, it’s kind of a thing.

"Oh yeah!  Not only is it a thing -- when you start seeing those repeat volunteers, they come with a stacked resume as well. So, once they get the bug, it's hard for them to let go,” Volunteer Programs Director Ardelia Austin said.

Training for the thousands who are working this year's big game in Atlanta is well underway. 
Marsh says planning has been top notch. He should know, given the fact that he has volunteered at several hundred sporting events since his first way back in 1996 for the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

"Oh, I hope to do this for the rest of my life. I'm 71 years old, and I plan to do this as long as I can,” Marsh said.