Students get sick after eating pot-laced brownies; school district investigating

Sources say??that a veteran teacher at the school brought the batch of brownies from home handing them out to students earlier in the day.

ATLANTA — A local school worker is accused of bringing brownies laced with marijuana or some other substance to South Atlanta High School on Friday and serving them to students.

An investigation is underway and Atlanta Public Schools confirms at least two students and an employee got sick and were taken to the hospital.

Channel 2 Action News obtained a police report that described a disturbing scene inside the school.
Investigators said two students ate the brownies and then became "lethargic," "dizzy" and "unaware of their surroundings."

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A father told Channel 2 Action News his daughter, a ninth-grader, ate one of the brownies and then texted him.

"She said, 'Dad, I just ate this brownie. I feel kinda weird," the father said.

He said he didn't think much of it and picked her up. That's when his other daughter gave part of the brownie to his grandchild.

"She wasn't sick, but you could tell she was acting, like, running around a little bit," the father said.


The girls were not sick enough to go to the hospital.

The school sent an automated call Monday morning to all parents.

According to the school website, the teacher involved teaches special education.

A spokesperson for APS would not confirm who is responsible and said only that its police department is investigating and still trying to determine what the substance was.

The school sent Channel 2 Action News the following statement:

"The school employee who is believed to be responsible has been removed from the school and faces disciplinary action pending the outcome of the investigation."

Investigators said that by the time they got to the school, the brownies had been eaten, so it's unclear if they will ever be able to figure out exactly what was in them.