• State department issues travel alert for Europe

    By: Rikki Klaus

    ATLANTA - The State Department has issued a travel alert warning of potential terrorist attacks.
    It impacts all metro Atlanta families traveling anywhere on the continent of Europe.
    The State Department says with the large number of Americans visiting Europe this time of year presents a greater threat. 
    But most travelers that Channel 2’s Rikki Klaus spoke with Friday said despite the warning, they’re not going to live in fear. 
    "You can't live your life like that, or else you'd go nowhere," Robin Hampton told Klaus. 
    Hampton spoke with Klaus at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport waiting for a flight home to England. 
    He said he’s well-versed in safe travel, especially after recent terrorist attacks in nearby Brussels and Paris.
    "You have to be aware. If there are bags unattended, we have to report them," Hampton said. 
    Ellen Bourland told Kraus that she and her sister were flying to London Friday and cruising to Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.
    "I've always been aware of being careful and cautious, and I figure if something happens while I’m traveling, that's all right. It's a good way to go," Bourland said. 
    The alert says a large number of tourists presents a greater target to terrorists. 
    The State Department urged Americans to be careful in public places and on mass transportation, even recommending travelers avoid crowded places.
    "It's more taking public transportation, staying in the touristy areas," said traveler Kati Arata.
    Russ Head is leading 21 travelers to Paris for a week through his Thomaston business, the Travel Connection.  A handful of clients canceled tours this year, due to a fear of terrorists.
    "At this point, I’m comfortable with the risk," Head told Kraus. "We had a few people drop out this year, but we had lots of people drop in."
    The State Department warned about three events terrorists could target: The European soccer championship, the Tour de France, and Poland's World Youth Day. 
    The alert expires August 31.

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