Off-duty deputy interrupts kidnapping attempt

ATLANTA — There was a wild scene Thursday morning in northwest Atlanta when an off-duty sheriff's deputy foiled a kidnapping attempt.

At least one gunman attempted to kidnap a woman at a gas station on Northside Drive and Joseph E. Boone Boulevard, according to preliminary information from a source.

At the same time, an off-duty sheriff's deputy saw what was happening and fired a shot and saved the woman, the source added.

The assailant got away we’ve learned that the victim is receiving treatment at Grady Memorial Hospital.


Channel 2's Tom Regan spoke with a security guard who said he spotted what appeared to be fight inside a car.

“There was some sort of struggle going inside the vehicle and then what happened, after that struggle stopped the deputy unholstered [his gun],” said Gene Barbara.  “He was calm and collect, there was a level of discernment from him, then he opened fire then the car took off. The car took off and the woman came out of the car and there was another man who came out of the car at that point.”

Atlanta police and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are investigating.