Shawty Lo refused to slow down before deadly wreck, passengers say

The autopsy report for a beloved local rapper revealed that his passengers pleaded for him to slow down before a wreck that claimed his life.

A report from the Fulton County medical examiner says Carlos Walker, 40, better known as rapper Shawty Lo, was driving at a high speed when he crashed Sept. 21 on Interstate 285 at the Cascade Road exit ramp in Atlanta.

The crash was reported just after 3 a.m.

Walker was ejected during the rollover crash, in which the report says the car fishtailed before flipping.


According to the report, the rapper had $16.35 in cash, Goody’s powder pain reliever and a bottle with his name, labeled promethazine, on him at the time of the autopsy.

Medical examiners said they found two pills in the bottle: one oxycodone and one hydrocodone.

The report also indicated an odor of alcohol on him.

Two women who were in the white Audi A7 with him at the time of the crash told investigators that Walker was “driving at a high rate of speed and refused to slow down.”

Walker lost control as the car hit the grass near the exit and began to fishtail before flipping over, crashing and catching fire.

Walker was reported to have a large amount of money on him, and police officers on the scene let the two female passengers take the money after the crash. There were additional $1 and $5 bills spread around the area of the wreck, investigators said.

The two women were not seriously hurt.

Walker was pronounced dead at the scene.

He leaves behind 11 children.