• Man says TSA agent dumped out father's ashes

    By: Liz Artz


    ATLANTA - A local man blames a TSA agent for spilling his father's ashes from an amulet he wore around his neck.

    Troy Bland gave Channel 2’s Liz Artz pages and pages of correspondence he's had with the TSA over the incident.

    "I still want the apology," Bland said.

    He told Artz he is a frequent traveler, and has logged a lot of miles. But he said what happened April 28 as he came through airport security in Orlando is inexcusable.

    He said his father passed away in November

    "He has my dad's amulet in his hands and the cap is off, and I said 'What are you doing?”

    Bland and his father are Marines. He said his dad passed away in November. That's when he had this amulet made with some of his father’s ashes inside, inscribed with the "Lord’s Prayer."

    "He opened the bottle, looked in it and went like that," Bland told Artz, motioning how he said the TSA agent tipped the vile, spilling his father’s ashes.


    Artz contacted TSA officials who told her that the incident has been reviewed twice and they've concluded the agent did not spill ashes.

    They would not release the video of the incident publicly, but allowed Artz to watch it via Facetime.

    Artz said the video was grainy and difficult to see. Artz said she could make out the agent holding an object, but could not tell if ashes or anything else came out of the vial.

    "Say sorry and then make it better again," Bland said.

    He told Artz he leaves Monday to visit the vault where his father's remains are stored and will refill the amulet, a trip he thinks TSA should pay for.

    "It's the emotional thing. I did this once. I don't want to do it again. I didn't ask to do it again. It was hard enough the first time,” Bland said. ?

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