‘Queens’ premieres tonight on Channel 2!

When it comes to hip-hop and rap, there aren’t a lot of cities with more influence than Atlanta.

Starting Tuesday night, ABC has a new show that looks at hip-hop from the 90s to today.

It’s called “Queens” and some of the real queens of hip-hop have said it’s a must-watch — including Monie Love on KISS 104.1.

“Queens” premieres at 10 p.m. on Channel 2, followed by WSB Tonight at 11 p.m.

“You should expect a lot of those truths that were in the documentary plus a fast-paced dramatic take on everybody’s truth,” Love said.

“The premiere episode crams an impressive amount of backstory into its 44 minutes, starting with a music video that serves as an efficient encapsulation of exactly who these women used to be. The lavish production checks all the boxes of an MTV hit from the era: a yacht, a mansion, a long line of shirtless hunks, an obviously CG explosion and the Nasty Girls winking and sneering at the camera in front of all of it. But the video is intercut with scenes that show who these women are now,” The Hollywood Reporter said.


“Queens” stars Eve as Brianna aka Professor Sex, Naturi Naughton as Jill aka Da Thrill, Nadine Velazquez as Valeria aka Butter Pecan, Taylor Selé as Eric Jones, Pepi Sonuga as Lil Muffin and Brandy as Naomi aka Xplicit Lyrics.

“All four feel fully formed from the jump, whether it’s in the rigidness with which Jill carries herself, or the heavy regret that seems to be weighing on Naomi’s shoulders. Each has her own struggle, and each combination of characters their own dynamic — some warm, some bitter, some in between,” The Hollywood Reporter said.

“Queens” is just the latest show from ABC to shoot in Atlanta. ABC also shot the pilot reboot of the 1980s show “The Wonder Years,” in Atlanta, but this time the show is focused on a black middle-class family in Montgomery, Alabama, during the turbulent late 1960s.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution contributed to this article.