• Proud father stands for the first time while son gets promoted

    PICKENS COUNTY, Ga. - There were major achievements for a father and son in law enforcement Monday morning.
    After one month at the Shepherd Center, a father overcame paralysis to stand and present his son a promotion.
    Sgt. Rick Hales was strong enough to stand on his own, his achievement done one month to the day from when he was ejected from his patrol car in a rollover crash in Pickens County.
    Sgt. Rick Hales was able to present his son Michael his new badge and promotion as Holly Springs Police Department's newest sergeant.
    “I wanted to be able to stand up today. I mean stand up, not just on legs. Stand up and hand you that badge,” Hales said.
    Michael was ten years old when he told his dad he wanted to be like him and follow his path into law enforcement. Even back then his dad prepared him for this -- what could happen on the job.
    “When you leave you may not come back in the same form or you may not come back home period,” Sgt. Michael Hales said.
    On Feb. 14, Sgt. Rick Hales survived a rollover wreck in Pickens County.
    Now, one month later, through intense physical therapy at the Shepherd Center, all nerves are firing and he has movement in all his extremities. 

    “There won't be no rolling me out,” Sgt. Rick Hales said. “If God's will, I'll walk out and I'll be back in the saddle.

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