• Protesters march in streets of Atlanta for second night

    By: Justin Wilfon


    ATLANTA - For the second night in a row, demonstrators took to the streets of downtown Atlanta to protest the election of Donald Trump.

    Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon was with the protesters who started marching around 8 p.m. before making their way to the state Capitol.

    The crowd was much smaller than the one Wednesday night – totaling about 150 people.

    "Donald Trump does not represent the interests of the greater good of America. He is a poor representation of the greater whole of America," protester Candace Talvert-Finley told Wilfon.

    Their march began in Piedmont Park and then made their way to the CNN Center.


    "What about all these calls for unity, even from President Obama?” Wilfon asked Talvert-Finley.

    “You know, we can't always be unified.  If we're unified in injustice, how good are we?" Talvert-Finley said.

    Most of the protestors were from or fighting for the LGBTQ community, who they claim has been unfairly treated by the president elect.

    "I identify as bisexual and there's been a lot of rhetoric on his part that has oppressed very directly LGBTQ youth and just in general," protester Emily Sewell said.

    The protesters remained loud as they marched toward the capitol. Under the watchful eye of state troopers and Capitol police, the protest remained peaceful.

    "We just want people to know how we feel. Young America is not happy. And we'll have to deal with this," Talvert-Finley said.

    "We're excited to hear our voices heard," protester Christina Fortier told Wilfon.

    There were also some people from the Black Lives Matter movement in the crowd.

    Unlike Wednesday night, Wilfon did not see the protestors interfere with traffic. They stayed mostly on the sidewalks.

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