Prominent attorney says wife's shooting death was a terrible accident

ATLANTA — A prominent Atlanta attorney admits he was carrying the gun that shot and killed his wife, but says the shooting was a terrible accident, according to a family spokesperson.

Diane McIver died early Monday morning from a single gunshot wound. %



Atlanta police have questioned her husband Claud "Tex" McIver. Channel 2’s Richard Elliot was there as Tex McIver and his attorneys walked out of Atlanta police headquarters Wednesday after speaking with detectives about the shooting death.

The Atlanta Police Department is still not commenting publicly on Diane McIver's death, but the family spokesman came forward Friday to tell Tex McIver's version of what happened.


He said the McIvers were driving back from their Putnam County farm to their Buckhead condo Sunday night and got off the interstate to avoid traffic.

The spokesman said the McIvers had a driver. Diane McIver was in the front passenger seat and Tex McIver was in the back.

As they came close to the intersection of Peachtree and Pine, near the homeless shelter, the spokesman says they were approached by several individuals and they were afraid they were going to get carjacked so the McIvers retrieved a pistol out of the center console. The gun was still wrapped in a Publix grocery bag.

Nothing happened and they drove away, but several blocks later, on Piedmont Avenue, the spokesperson says their car hit a bump and the gun went off, striking Diane McIver in the back.

The spokesman said Tex McIver was holding the pistol in his lap when it discharged.

He said the McIvers didn't call 911 because they didn’t think it was a life-threatening wound and felt they could get to the hospital quickly on their own. Despite being farther away than other hospitals, they decided to go to Emory University Hospital in DeKalb because Diane McIver's physicians were there. The spokesman said they called ahead to let the hospital know they were coming.

The spokesman also said Emory surgeons were waiting for them when they arrived.

Diane McIver was president at U.S. Enterprises Inc, the parent company of Corey Airport Services. Her photograph is posted prominently on Corey's big smokestack overlooking the connector. %



The spokesman said Tex McIver is traumatized by what happened and is grieving the loss of his wife.

Atlanta police will not comment publicly until the investigation is complete.