Pro-life group tells Supreme Court to ‘hold the line’ on Roe v. Wade

ATLANTA — A pro-life rally was held at the Georgia State Capitol Friday morning following the leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion that said the court would overturn Roe v. Wade.

There are clear divisions between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to Roe v. Wade.

Channel 2′s Richard Elliot caught up with US Sen. Rafael Warnock as he voted early in May’s primary.

Elliot asked him about Roe v. Wade and the upcoming election. He said he will support a proposed law to protect women’s reproductive rights.

“I’ve always supported a woman’s right to choose. I’ve always said that a patient’s room is too small and cramped a space for a woman, her doctor and the United States government,” Warnock said.


Not far away, pro-life politicians and others rallied at the State Capitol encouraging the Supreme Court to follow through with the leaked opinion.

“For any who want to talk about the politics of this moment, I say this: Bring it on,” said Cole Muzio, with Frontline Action Policy.

Muzio warned the high court what could happen if it doesn’t.

“Our message today to the Supreme Court is simple: hold the line. Do what is right. Correct the wrong and end the tyranny of those once and for all,” Muzio said.

Warnock used the moment to appeal to voters.

“I think we’re being reminded on many fronts that elections matter, and it’s so important for everybody to cast their vote,” Warnock said.

The votes for that legislation could possibly come in Washington as soon as next week.